Mutual Funds

See How Easily You can Manage Your Mutual Funds at TD Ameritrade

We Have the Tools and Guidance You Need – and You'll Pay No Commissions on Thousands of Funds.

  • Broad selection of no-transaction fee funds. Pay no transaction fees or commissions on thousands of mutual funds. Find top-rated funds, in every asset category, to match your goals with our easy-to-use screeners and comparison tools.
  • Independent Morningstar Investment Management research. Not sure which funds are right for you? Make more informed decisions by turning to our Premier List, which features fund picks by Morningstar Investment Management.
  • Knowledgeable service. Get the help you need, when you need it. Speak face-to-face with one of our branch associates. Or call our Investor Services team at 800-669-3900.

TD Ameritrade Premier List Funds powered by Morningstar Investment Management

Take some of the guesswork out of the mutual fund selection process. Our Premier List features top picks* by independent experts at Morningstar Investment Management to help you pursue your investment objectives.

For example, you could select an All-in-One fund to get instant diversification. Or you could build your own core/satellite portfolio using Core funds as your anchor and a complement of smaller “satellite” positions from the Primary and Advanced funds list.

(Premier List Funds updated as of 12/29/2017)

The Premier List of funds are carefully screened and analyzed by Morningstar Investment Management.

Learn how the selection process works. Every quarter, independent experts at Morningstar Investment Management update the Premier List to ensure it contains only their top mutual fund picks*.

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