Axion Recycling Ltd

Axion has two main business units:- 1) Axion Polymers - Manufacturer of high-quality recycled polymer resins from a unique factory in Manchester. The Axpoly® range of injection and extrusion grade plastics are made from 100% post-consumer material sourced primarily from the treatment of electrical waste items (WEEE). ISO9001 accredited production methods are used to deliver consistently high performance grades of impact resistant polystyrenes and other engineering thermoplastics. 2) Axion Consulting – We offer a wide range of technical and business support services to the rapidly developing UK waste processing industry. Our process engineers have built a reputation for their straight-forward problem solving methods, with results based upon a hands-on approach to meet individual customer requirements. Recent projects include SME recycling participation surveys, practical equipment trials, novel polymer processing techniques, recycling business plan appraisals, PVC industry recycling initiatives and household collection trials.


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