The 20 Best Cereals, In Order | HuffPost

Breakfast cereal is one of those great equalizers in life, that can help you find something in common with just about anyone. Our team comes from totally opposite corners of the country, we're all a few years apart from each other in age and grew up in wildly different households. Guess what thing we all did? Ate cereal for breakfast.

We've already laid out the worst cereals of all time, and recommended that you not stuff any of that garbage in your face -- especially not first thing in the morning. Today, I'm tackling the best cereals, in order. Just to be clear: none of the cereals below are bad or "worst." They are all breakfasts I'd happily engage in on a regular basis. This list has absolutely nothing to do with health benefits -- there is a lot of sugar present.

Also, if you don't see a cereal on this list or on the worst list, that means that it is a middling, forgettable cereal, regardless of its marketing prowess or ubiquity -- I'm looking at you, Cheerios.

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