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Fantasy is missing a certain wow factor. Just doesn't hit that sensual button. It's been on the strip for so long, so performances feel a bit dated. Bought tickets to see with my husband and saw there were plenty of other couples. Alright, so not everyone is that great at dancing, it gets repetitive, so my brain started to wander, "wow, that girl has some impressive biceps!" "Dang, that one pair of boobs is not real, and it's the biggest pair, no jiggle, shame." "Oh, this girl would totally be an acrobat...if she weren't here showing us her knockers." I wasn't sure what to expect, other than some topless dancing, so the comedy was unexpected. Enjoyed: Lorena's singing--she reminds me more of Mariah Carey at times, the Aerial acrobatics--though I expected some nudity there, Ashton was my favorite--great smile (I know, of all things that's what captivated me, lulz), and some of Sean E. Cooper's jokes were good. I felt sorry for Tony, the audience member sitting front row with his wife. I guess every show there's one man in the front "perverts section" who gets picked on. Just didn't think it would be for almost the whole show... If you're expecting this show to make you feel uncomfortable, this comedy bit is as raunchy & uncomfortable as it gets.

Very entertaining show! You can't go wrong with a show that includes topless, gorgeous women. There was also some comedy between all the dancing and singing. They do engage with the first three rows of audience a bit so if you don't want to partake than sit more towards the back; there's really not a terrible seat in the house. The girls do meet and take pictures with the audience after the show so make sure you stick around afterward. I made the mistake of leaving the theatre to use the restroom so I wasn't allowed reentry even with my ticket stub. Other than that small downside my experience was amazing!

The number #1 female revue on the Strip and i have seen them all: X Burlesque and their ilk, Crazy Girls, and even Sexxx at Westgate. The females in this show are a bit more polished, the dancing is seductive and the production is well put together. Only draw back is the show can seem a bit longer than necessary. They could cut 15 minutes off the end and we wouldnt notice. Ive seen it 3 times and felt the same every time. Even this new version of the show with new costumes, dance mumbers and music it still feels like the show runs too long. Other than that im happy to send my friends and clients here.

Went to this show last night for my birthday. My fiance took me and it was a very fun show! The dancers were great especially the dancer from South Africa. Her show with the sheets was very good. The host was very engaging. She also sang very well. She was funny as well when she interacted with the audience. There was also points during the show where 2 brothers where they performed acrobatic feats and also very funny and engaging. We have been to 3 burlesque type shows during our visits to Vegas and this one is right up there! Worthwhile visit. No bad seat in the house

Surprisingly great. Went with my wife and she also had a great time. The girls were all beautiful and talented, and the comedian was pretty funny too (which can actually be rare).

Came in not really knowing what to expect, except the girls. Got a bit of comedy, a bit of singing, heckling, and dancing with the girls. The boys in my group enjoyed the show. There isn't a bad seat in the house but we were in row 2 in the middle and had great views. Front row - be prepared to be heckled at by the performers. For $60 ish per ticket - it was a decent way of passing 90 minutes.

My boyfriend and I didn't have anything planned for Friday night in Vegas looked into the tix4you booths and this was affordable on a short notice 40 dlls a ticket. We didn't have much of an idea of what we were getting ourselves into except for the fact that we were gonna see boobs. The show is more than that! The hostess Lorena is funny and talented a long with a male cohost whom I don't remember the name. The show plays on fantasies like girl on girl action, cowgirls, acrobatics. The topless factor was an extra. I loved that it was sexy without being vulgar. If you're in the front row beware you may be called on stage! Everybody seems to have a great time. All seats in the house are great it's a smaller showroom So you don't really need the front row experience to enjoy the show as much. My boyfriend and I had a great time and would totally recommend.

Took my boyfriend here and wasn't sure what to expect and it was amazing! We laughed so hard, the dancers were so good! It was very tastefully done! Highly recommend this as something fun and different to do!

Girls are overall good, their dance was good. Yet most of the show was dancing and singing. Most of the show(more than 75%) was dance about boobs and butts, which is sort of boring. I did enjoy the guy's jokes. He was fun while hes show time wasn't long.

The dancers were overall great. Lovely moves and even better bodies! The MC was a great singer and very entertaining. And was beautiful too. However the comedian was simply terrible. She couldn't read the audience at all and was insulting to the non Americans in the audience. Overall a great night, just please fire the comedian please.

Vegas native and by far Best show on the strip hands down look out for a dancer named "abby"

There isn't a bad seat in the house, so section 3/C ~$50 was a good choice. The MC was great from her singing to her jokes and engaging the audience. and the solo performance where the woman performed acrobatic tricks while on hanging on 2 trapeze cloths (for lack of a better description) was impressive. The rest of the show was entertaining but underwhelming. I'd advise Cirque's Zumanity if you're in Vegas looking for a risqué night out.

I'll admit I wasn't really expecting much from this show. I really wanted to see Britney or the Blueman group but here we were. The room itself was really small and cramped. Then the lights hit and the show began. Immediately the host/singer was incredible from the jump. She had a great singing voice very reminiscent of a Christina Aguilera. I actually enjoyed here performances a lot. The other ladies were all excellent with their talents as well. The show lasts about an hour long. It does get a bit redundant after a while so they do have a comic relief form some comedian lady. Again, originally I wasn't expecting much but she too exceeded my expectations and was pretty funny. Overall we had a pretty good time here. Its located at the Luxor hotel. Tickets are about 55 bucks for two through a deal I think. Yes for those curious it is an X-rated show so be aware of that. Its definitely worth the money if you want to enjoy a great show and some awesome performance. If you just want a strip show, then there are plenty of strip clubs off strip but this is more of a show kind of show.

Go! It was a last minute decision and I'm so glad we ended our vaca with this show! I actually went with my husband and another married couple. The girls are all talented and kept the crowd intrigued. The show is a mix of comedy, impressions & of course semi naked women. The "nasty girl" bed dance, Jessica rabbit (this chick was very seductive and entertaining DAMN ) and rope act (AMAZING) were my favorite. On another note: I could tell some people were getting annoyed that the show had comedy breaks. The guy was hilarious ,some jokes were a bit distasteful but what comedian isn't. Overall it was a great experience!

This is what I'm talking about! Beautiful ladies had been beautifully presented. A well-made professional Vegas adult show. The stage, the hosts, the music and audio system was all great. I can care less more for the comedian's jokes. The main focus still is all about the dancers. They are beautiful, sexy, professional and most of all: they were having fun! As much as the audience were. They were admired and respected. I would watch this show every time when I'm in Vegas. Update: We watched again last night. Few new ladies, all beautiful and sexy. Love the "Texas"! The comedian's part has been cut short, but it was good that way. More girls for action.

This is the worst show I've ever seen . Save your money and time. They were just going through the motions and it was extremely boring .

We weren't expecting much from this when we got the tickets. We knew it wa one of the higher rated Adult shows in vegas so we gave it a try. I was able to get front row seats for about $50/ea by booking ahead of time (on ticketmaster) and wow, was it worth it. It's not a big theater but front row puts you right in the middle of it. While the girls were very attractive of course and talented (yes, these women have talent and can dance, they aren't glorified strippers) the two hosts of the show (Lorena Peril and Sean E. Cooper) really set the show apart. FIrst thing that blew us away was that Lorena is an amazing singer. She wasn't half-assing it - she can belt that music out. She works the crowd well and keeps everyone entertained. I don't even know where to start with Sean Cooper - the guy was hilarious and I have to give them guy huge props for getting out there and doing this almost every day. I will say that we experienced this a little different as most as I got pulled up on stage several times during the act, being asked funny questions and at one point they dressed me up as elvis and sent me out on stage. They then got my girlfriend involved and had me saying and doing fun stuff with her - and then Sean Cooper had her spanking him. You had to have been there, it was a hilarious and fun experience. Come here expecting to be entertained, have a good laugh and enjoy the assets that there women have and use. Don't come here if you are a prude, expecting circque de soliel or if you are a guy just wanting to see a strip show - it was much more than that. I'd highly recommend this show as well as front row seats for the best experience.

My wife and I attended this show while staying at The Luxor. We paid for front row seats, but the theater is small enough that most of the seats would give you a decent view of the stage. The only advantage of the first row was the proximity to the talent, who interact with you more and the fact that in the summer, the cold ground fog on stage that rolls off into the audience would feel great (we attended in winter, so it was not as much fun being cold). Overall the show was fun and sexy, with not a lot of artsy lights to obscure the topless girls, like some other burlesque shows we've attended in Vegas, but the show was too short, about an hour. I would have liked more. The singer was fun, but frankly could have been replaced by a soundtrack for the girls. The comedian was a funny interlude, but it would have been better as an opener. My suggestion is save some money and get seats about midway back, they'll be just as good as close up. I also suggest a few drinks before hand to get a little loud as the girls enjoy the hoots and hollers to show appreciation.

Just go. Nothing really else to say about this fantastic, hilarious and sexy show. The comedian/MC is side-splittingly funny and very talented, the singer/other MC is an incredible singer, and the women are all absolutely drop-dead gorgeous. Most of them were impressive dancers or gymnasts - except for 2 of them, who were laughably bad. Great routines, good theater and overall high quality presentation. Be warned: if you're in the front row, you may be in for an embarrassing evening (but hilarious for everyone else). Tip: They often have huge discount tickets at the 1/2 Price Ticket Booths around the Strip.

We paid $120 for two 2nd row tickets, PERFECT. If you are close to the stage expect to have interaction. The seats were comfy with cup holders. The guy taking tickets was awesome! The girls were all gorgeous and highly energetic. A lot of actual dance numbers. The only reason I am giving it four stars is bc it was a little cheesy and the "country" number was NOT with a country song? The girl host could sing very well and was funny. The guy host was hilarious but could have been cut down about ten minutes. Sonya was freaking amazing all around! She has pure talent. We went 12/12/17 and the girl with the long blonde hair, fair skinned can dance so smoothly! The stage was a lil small but over all the show was pretty good.


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