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Hello there i recently got a HP X2 210 tablet/convertible machine.

it runs windows 10 x64 and has a built in 2GB of ram, it also has a 64gb eMMC type hard drive. the perfromance from it is quite fine for what i use it for, however i decided of course it would be a good idea to make use of the memory card slot and have purchased a suitable memory card to expand the secondary storage. I also decided that i could make use of the readyboost function should this become neccesary.

however it would appear that the readyboost option is completely missing from this computer as it came from the box! I have investigated as throughly as i can, the card being used IS readyboost compatible, i have confirmed this on another computer. I have tried many other readyboost compatible sticks and cards that i have and in each case i cannot use them. Under drive properties the "Readyboost" tab is just not present therefore i cannot enable it.

I have checked under the services and there is no readyboost service present, however the "superfetch" service is present and running (i am led to believe from my investigating that this is a requirement). And to the best of my knowledge i cannot locate a registry entry for readyboost on the device.

I have spoken with HP and had remote assistance from them, they have failed to resolve the problem and washed their hands of it basically saying the eMMC drive removes the need for the readyboost function. i strongly disagree with this, regardless of whether it removes the need for it, this feature should be available for me to use as i see fit. The other computer i have tested the memory cards on for readyboost compatability has a SSD drive and although readyboost is disabled on this computer the tab for readyboost IS present. so why is it missing on my Windows 10 machine?

any help with this matter would be appreciated, while i have had no performance issues with this device i would like it to have the functions that by default should be present.


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