LiveTuner – Simply tuning Windows performance smartly

LiveTuner 3.0

LiveTuner will help you tuning Windows system and network performance smartly by focusing optimizations on hardware specs, device type and application usage with careful selections and tests for optimal values without risking to damage computer. So users who don t possess computer knowledge can use it with confidence because it was made to be as simple as possible for everyone with experience from optimizing Windows over 10 years.

Back in 2001, I made one click Windows optimizer software called ‘PC Tweak 2001’ with tweaks I gathered from internet and magazines hoping to improve my veryyy slow PC and shared in I kept improving it until 2003 called Optimizer XP. That software made me won national software contest award and I used the winning prize to buy a new computer. Since most optimizations I put in are obsolete by the time Windows Vista came and my PC is fast now, I stopped updating it.

Ten years later, my dad asked me if I still continue developing Windows optimizer software because Chrome in his PC was quite slow lately and hope I could do something about it. To fix my dad’s PC performance issue, I decided to revive this project from sratch and made simple yet efficient tool to fine-tuning Windows for optimal system/network performance according to devices and applications.

I know there’re tons of Windows optimizer software released for over 10 years and some of them are pretty decent ones. Let me tell you why you should consider trying this out.

-All tweaks are from MSDN reference meaning every tweak is tested and verified by Microsoft
-All tweaks are also tested by users and developers during beta tests for risk-free performance
-Most tweaks are calculated by detected hardware and software configuration for optimal performance
-You can just choose what device you use and application you want to use it for to get the job done
-Uninstalling this program will revert all optimizations back to system defaults so feel free to try

LiveTuner is thoroughly tested in devices having Intel/AMD/Atom build as Desktop/Laptop/Netbook/Tablet/Server doing all kinds of applications without any problem. You can use with confidence because all optimizations are fail-safe with zero chance of causing serious problems and easily reversible by uninstalling.


LiveTuner has 2 main configuration parameters. Please choose one of them according to your hardware and main application usage.

Device optimizations:
Desktop – Select this for personal computer and work machine
Laptop/Tablets – Select this for notebook, ultrabook or Windows tablets like Surface
Server – Select this for server machine or hardware using server grade parts

Application optimizations:
Full Workstation – Select this for heavy load tasks like video editing, 3D processing, etc.
Office/Internet – Select this for office work and internet as most people would use computer for
Online Gaming – Select this for playing online games and don’t want latency spike to ruin your fun
Enterprise Server – Select this for running 24/7 as home server or enterprise server
Computer Audiophile Server – Select this for solely playing audio files as main purpose

I’d like to list other internal tweaks but they’re finely tuned based on above options and hardware specs so I think it’s better to keep it simple and clean rather than complicated bragging. LiveTuner also have 4 startup optimizations below.

Increase Windows Explorer priority: This will raise Windows Explorer’s priority to ‘High’ level improving Explorer responsiveness and less chance to freeze/crash.

Decrease Windows Defender priority: Some old machine may have slow performance while Windows Defender service is working so lowering its priority could reduce system stalling a bit.

Remove temporary files: One of basic maintenance task that most PC optimizer software should have. Use this if you don’t have other tools cleaning up temporary files.

Optimize Windows timer resolution for low latency applications: Helps time-sensitive application getting more accurate timing from 15.6ms tick to 0.5ms tick.

Process idle tasks every day for server PC: If you don’t normally turn off your computer after using it, you should select this to keep Windows in shape for home users.


-Increased dirty page threshold for more responsive file caching performance
-Fixed Always unload DLL not working
-Fixed memory optimizations not applied for system having memory below 512MB
-Fixed TCP Nagling feature status not restored after uninstallation
-Revised file cache trimming optimizations to scale with memory size
-Reduced I/O page lock limit scaling size according to general server optimizations
-Revised ‘Full Workstation’ application optimizations for heavy load multi-tasking
-Revised ‘Online Gaming’ application optimizations for better hardware performance

-Fixed disabling paging executive on 4GB RAM only instead of enabling it
-Fixed UI inconsistencies by changing Uninstall button in first dialog to Exit instead
-Improved system responsiveness for online gaming application

-Added Analysis screen before applying optimizations
-Added TCPNoDelay tweak for Online Gaming
-Fixed System cache dirty page threshold’s calculation bug
-Improved optimizations for low memory system
-Increased network utilization a little more for ‘Full Workstation’ application
-Desktop gets 50% boost for pooling
-Paged/Nonpaged pooling scales with memory again
-Paging executive will be disabled only for 4GB+ RAM
-Removed Computer Audiophile Server application
-UI redesigned with Flat and Metro concepts

-Added Computer Audiophile Server application optimizations
-Added creating installation log in Windows\livetuner.log for reporting
-Added lower Windows Defender’s service priority option
-Added readme section explaining how software works
-Changed default options to what most people use which are ‘Laptop/Tablets’ and ‘Office/Internet’
-Fixed startup optimizations to keep process running only when required
-Increased trimming unused file cache responsiveness a bit more (20->15)
-Re-configured increasing NTFS cache for 4GB+ RAM instead of 2GB+
-Re-enabled SuperFetch so that ReadyBoost can function

-Changed file system tunneling from disabled to have small tunneling cache instead
-Improved TCP latency optimizations according to selected application
-Revised additional threads for multi-core optimizations fixing process stalling for real world workstation usage
-Revised paged/nonpaged pool scaling with memory calculation
-Revised additional optimizations approach to be startup optimizations

beta 4
-Added disabling file system tunneling for faster delete
-Added network optimizations for TCP/IP protocol
-Increased paged/nonpaged pool scaling size
-Memory 4096MB or higher will be reported as 4096+ due to x86 app limitations
-Updated graphics and branding

beta 3
-Added remembering configuration now
-Added restore function to revert all optimizations back to default
-Pooling now scales with memory size

beta 2
-Removed memory top-down allocation preference tweak (It broke PotPlayer app and possibly some other apps)
-Maximum pool usage and cache trimming no longer have separated device optimizations but follow MSDN’s recommended optimizations
-Additional optimizations features are working now

beta 1
-Initial release

LiveTuner – “LiveTuner is a freeware optimizer program which is far better than some kinds of shareware optimizer program. It will optimize your system and internet connection for better performance.”

LiveTuner – “LiveTuner – It’s a real life-saver for slow PCs for both system and internet connection.”

LiveTuner – “LiveTuner will help you tune Windows system and network performance smartly”

Download LiveTuner 4.0


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