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Fuchsia City

In Fuchsia City, you will notice a lot of Pokemon in enclosures, this is because there is a zoo right in Fuchsia City. This makes it look very big, but size wise it isn't. Gameplay wise, there is quite a bit to do. When navigating around, you can get to all areas without Cut, but it's easier to cut bushes down to work your way around Fuchsia.

Firstly head to the Pokecenter by heading to the left side of town, then head down and to the right. Heal up and head to the house on the left. The man inside will delete moves (including HM moves) off your Pokemon. For more information check out the Move Tutors Guide.

Head to the right now, jump the ledge and head into the left house of the two. Inside is the Safari Warden, who is only speaking in mumbles at the moment.
In the house to the right of his speak to the man inside and he will give you a Good Rod. You can head out the back through this guy's house and fish catching the Pokemon listed above. Now you can either do the Safari Zone or the Gym. I will cover the Safari Zone first.

The Safari Zone is not only a great place for catching Pokemon, it is also crucial in gaining two important HMs in the game, Surf and Strength. Head as far north as you can go in Fuchsia, and enter the building at the top. This is the Safari Zone.

Inside, walk past the guy on the right and he will ask if you want to enter the Safari Zone. For Y500 you get 30 Safari Balls and 600 steps inside the Safari Zone. It is likely that you will have to enter the Safari Zone a few times to get everything. It is a big place, so here are maps to each of the areas: Entrance Area, Area 1, Area 2, Area 3.

When you encounter a wild Pokemon you will have four options, Throw Ball means you will throw a Safari Ball and will try to catch the Pokemon. Throw Bait will keep the wild Pokemon around for longer. Throw Rock will make the Pokemon easier to catch but it will be more likely to flee. Run means you will just run from the wild Pokemon. Now here is a small tip if you get into an area a long way from the entry and have very few steps left or are running low on cash. Stay in one spot, and by lightly tapping the direction buttons, you can turn around. This will not count toward your steps but you will still encounter wild Pokemon! Also note, EVERYWHERE you go in the Safari Zone counts as steps, including the "Rest" houses. Listed below are the wild encounters and rates. Note that fishing is the same anywhere in the Safari Zone.

Now here is what you need to do to finish the Safari Zone and get all the items:

  • From the Entrance head to the top right hand exit into Area 1.
  • In Area 1, head right and north up the stairs. Continue north to find a Leaf Stone.
  • Head back to the stairs and this time head to the left and down the next set of stairs.
  • Head to the left and bit and up. To the right on the grassy peninsula near the water is TM11 - Sunny Day.
  • Leave the Peninsula and head north-west to find a Max Potion.
  • From the Max Potion head to the left and up the next set of stairs, to the right and down those stairs.
  • To the right of here is a rest house (nothing inside really) and below it a Full Restore. Head north from the trainer house and to the left.
  • When the route splits, take the bottom route still heading to the left into Area 2.
  • Continue left and go north up the first set of stairs you come across.
  • Follow the path and when you've gone down some stairs head to the left to collect Quick Claw.
  • Head back to the start of Area 2. If you head down you will be in the top part of the Entrance Area.
  • Nothing new here except if you come back with Surf. So instead, head to the northern part of the grass and head up the stairs.
  • Follow the path and down the next set of stairs.

**From here you can head south into Area 3. (You will probably need to enter once more to get these, because it is unlikely you can get to the final house if you go down this south route. So instead do the bits between the double stars in your next trip.) Continue south and then head to the left and collect the Max Revive. The head up the stairs and to the left. Follow the path and at the base of the next set of stairs is a Max Potion. Return to where you were before the stars.**

  • Head north, past the three pools and to the right a bit is TM47 - Steel Wing.
  • Continue to the right and then head up. Collect the Protein.
  • Now head west and all the way south down into Area 3.
  • In Area 3, head south and collect the Warden's Gold Teeth.
  • From the teeth head to the left. South of the hut grab TM32 - Double Team.
  • Head inside the hut.

Talk to the man inside and he will give you HM03 - Surf. Now you have Surf, you can travel on water by pressing A next to a Surfable area. Now leave the Safari Zone. Now let's head to the Warden's house, the one to the right of the Pokecenter. Talk to the Warden Inside and give him his teeth. As thanks, he will give you HM04 - Strength. This can be used to move large boulders like the one in the Warden's house. Teach it to one of your Pokemon. move the boulder in his house and grab the Rare Candy.

Heal up and get ready for the next Gym Battle. When you're ready, head over to the gym. When you enter it looks relatively easy to get to the leader...however the walls are invisible. Here is a map showing the walls so you can navigate through the Gym:

The specialty in this gym is Poison, so let's try a few trainer battles first, starting with the bottom left and bottom right trainers:

Trainer Battle
Pokemon Level
Drowzee Level 34
Kadabra Level 34
Money Earned: P1360
Trainer Battle
Pokemon Level
Hypno Level 38
Money Earned: P1520

Head to the right hand side of the gym and head up to fight the next two trainers:

Trainer Battle
Pokemon Level
Arbok Level 33
Sandslash Level 33
Arbok Level 33
Money Earned: P1320

When you get to the very top, head all the way to the left and down to fight the next two trainers:

Trainer Battle
Pokemon Level
Sandslash Level 34
Arbok Level 34
Money Earned: P1360
Trainer Battle
Pokemon Level
Drowzee Level 34
Hypno Level 34
Money Earned: P1360

Now onto the leader, Koga:

The biggest thing to watch out for in this battle is Toxic. This Poisons your Pokemon and the damage inflicted increases each turn. Be sure to stock up on Antidotes beforehand. If Toxic is getting the better of you, try inflicting a status effect on the opponent as soon as possible, this reduces the chance of a successful Toxic. You could also use a Poison type, which aren't affected by Toxic. I would strongly advise a Psychic type though as this is best against Poison. The two Koffing are nothing new and should be easy, however they have the Levitate ability so Ground attacks won't hit them at all. Muk has pretty good Spec. Def. and has pretty high Attack. Acid Armor boosts its Defense, but a Psychic type should mow him down pretty easy. If his Pokemon get low on health, Koga has a Full Heal and two Hyper Potions just to make things a bit harder.

Once you have beaten him you can now Surf outside of battle! That wraps up Fuchsia City for now. Now it's time to make our way to the central city on the map - Saffron City.
To get there, let's fly to Celadon City. This is to get the key item - Tea. If you already have Tea, you can enter Saffron from Cerulean, Vermilion, Lavender or Celadon, but this walkthrough will go to Celadon. From the Pokecenter head to the left to get the Tea from the first floor of the Celadon Mansion.

Once you have the Tea, exit Celadon to the east. Now enter the house to the right with the guard, which have not allowed you to pass previously. Give him the Tea, and he will let you through. You can now enter Saffron City through any of the four guard houses. Leave the guard house to the right and enter Saffron City.


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