Boarding School for Boys | Christian Residential School for Troubled Boys

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Christian Boarding School that Turns Around Rebellious Boys

A Year-Round, Affordable Boarding School Specifically Designed for Boys Struggling with Academics or Behavior

If your son is out of control, expelled or falling behind in school, we will help get him back on track! Unlike typical boarding schools and military schools, we only work with boys who are struggling, so we strictly maintain discipline and security, while showing Christian love and care for the boys at all times. Agape teaches and reinforces proper behavior, responsibility, and strong goals in life; turning uncaring, self-centered boys into responsible and mature young men.

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We founded Agape 25 years ago out of a burden to help troubled teens. By showing God’s love daily to these boys, Agape has helped thousands of troubled teens turn around their life, become a productive member of society, grow spiritually, and complete their high school education. We love working with the boys, motivating them to reach their potential, showing them what God can do in their life, and helping them restore the relationship with their parents and family.

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